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Censoring an Iranian Love Story

Shahriar Mandanipour Paperback: 304 pages Publisher: Abacus ISBN-13: 978-0349121451 From one of Iran’s most acclaimed and controversial contemporary writers, his first novel to appear in English—a dazzlingly inventive work of fiction that opens a revelatory window onto what it’s like to live, to love, and to be an artist in today’s Iran. The novel entwines […]

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Parviz Tanavoli

From: Born in Tehran, Iran in 1937 and immigrating to Vancouver in 1989, Parviz Tanavoli is the pioneer of modern sculpture in Iran. His art career began in the early 1950’s and spans to the present. Crucial to understanding Tanavoli’s achievements is the realization that he has explored, analyzed and absorbed the rich visual, […]

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Hossein Zenderoudi

Charles Hossein Zenderoudi (born 1937 Tehran) is a renowned Iranian painter and sculptor, known especially as a pioneer of Iranian modern art.   “Hossein Zenderoudi is the man of measure in communication, a measure conditioned by memory, which is an essential factor in the artist’s distancing of creativity from the semantic and formal elements of […]

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Touba and the Meaning of Night, by Shahrnoush Parsipour

One of the cornerstones of contemporary Persian literature, Touba and the Meaning of Night represent the best in Iranian Fiction, and has never lost its brilliance even 21 years after its first publication in 1989 in Iran. The book was published in English in 2005 and attracted the attention of many critics worldwide. An Iranian-style […]

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Mohsen Namjoo the Iranian Bob Dylan

Mohsen Namjoo is one of those figures in the Iranian contemporary music, who will be discussed for many years to come. A highly controversial song-writer, composer and musician, his music was banned for many years in Iran. But this did not prevent him from creating his music and making it available to the Iranian audience. […]

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Transit Tehran: Young Iran and Its Inspirations, by Malu Halasa and Maziar Bahari

Malu Halasa and Maziar Bahari 242 pages Garnet Publishing Ltd; illustrated edition edition (6 Oct 2008) ISBN-13: 978-1859642153 Order Now: £23.74 Like other international cities, Tehran is filled with the religious, the irreligious and the indifferent. However, for a capital much in the news, its secrets are well-guarded – parties where the kids let rip; […]

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Iran Awakening: A memoir of revolution and hope, by Shirin Ebadi

The Memoirs of the 2003 Nobel Peace Laureate, Shirin Ebadi Paperback: 256 pages Publisher: Rider (3 May 2007) ISBN-13: 978-1846040146 Order Now (£4.99) (review from Throughout an extraordinary career as a lawyer, writer, activist, and dissident, Shirin Ebadi has spoken out clearly and strongly for her native Iran—and her voice has resonated far beyond […]

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